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Τhe Fascinating Health Benefits of Sailing

Nothing beats summer holidays on board a yacht or boat. It is the ultimate way to relax and recharge your batteries after a stressful year.

The freedom of life on a boat can have health benefits for both mind and body

Well, think about it this way: with a sailing holiday, you get adventure, relaxation, fresh air and the possibility to visit places that are difficult to access by most humans.

The benefits of being on yacht are beyond compare, whatever the type of yacht, It can be a sailing yacht, a catamaran, a power boat a luxury yacht or a small boat, it doesn’t matter as long as you are near or in the sea., Both the Greeks and Romans used salt to exfoliate the skin and took baths in warm salt water to help them relax – what’s now known as “thalassotherapy”. Whatever the scientific basis, it is the sheer physical sensation of being at sea that creates a special kind of magic. That physical sense of well-being is translated into a psychological contentment that is almost child-like in its simplicity and immediacy. We are being "rocked into happiness".

1. Sailing makes you physically fit!

Even if you’re not involved in sailing the boat, just moving (or even sitting) around a sailing yacht at sea forces you to use muscles you might not normally use in order to counteract the movement of the waves. Plus while you are on a sailing holiday on a boat, you’re likely to partake in other physical activities, such as swimming, snorkelling, diving or walking.

If you are involved in sailing the yacht, the task of pulling, hoisting or trimming a sail or holding the helm to keep the boat on track, strengthens and builds muscles as well as your physical endurance, coordination and agility.

man fixing the sails on a sailing yacht

2. Sailing is really good for your heart

Being on board any type of boat, involves a lot of physical activity, it can decrease the risk of heart disease and hypertension, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk for obesity.

3. Sailing promotes better mental health

Why are people always in a happy and positive mood while on the water or by the sea? It is the calming sounds of the waves and wind, the saltiness of the air which is comprised of charged ions which promote oxygen absorption and produce more balanced serotonin levels… all trigger feelings of happiness. The happier you are, the better your mental health! That is why the yacht charter business is blooming and more people charter a yacht every year. There are all types of yachts available for yacht charter in Cyprus and all over the world. You don’t have to own a yacht or a boat in order to enjoy the benefits of yacht sailing. 

Being at sea also provides an opportunity to take a break from the everyday demands of your life. You are not in a hurry and you measure your daily routine by the sunset, sunrise, and phases of the moon.

So turn your smartphone off and get into a natural rhythm of the sun, the stars and the sea. Relax on the flybridge of the boat, enjoy the skyblounge.

family having fun on private yacht charter in blue lagoon

4. Sailing lowers your stress levels

The rocking movement of the sailing yacht, the sound of the wind and waves, splashing water, the feeling of the breeze on your face induce a meditative state that influences brainwave patterns and eventually relax and soothe your mind, combating any accumulated stress. As you become more relaxed you can enjoy the fun and exciting activities of your holiday. So if you cannot own a yacht you don’t have to buy a boat, you can charter a yacht and enjoy your yacht charter holidays while lowering your stress levels. Of course Interyachting has all types of yachts available for sale. Catamarans, a sailing yachts, a power boats, luxury yachts or a rib boats. You just decide the kind of boat.

5. Sailing boosts your concentration

Sailing improves your concentration skills as you need to stay focused and mentally alert on the job at hand. While at sea you tend to forget about all the problems of the “land” and focus on what you are doing at that particularly moment. Sailing also requires a lot of multitasking as while you sail the boat, you have to be checking the weather, observing sea conditions, reconfirming course and speed, attending to the needs of those on board and so on. The sailing school of Interyaching offers various courses like offshore sailing courses, sailing courses, power boat courses and a lot more. So next time you rent a boat in Cyprus or anywhere you will have the knowledge to sail the boat

sailing team practical lesson onboard sailing yacht

6. Sailing makes you a team player and better communicator

Something about a sailing holiday that brings people together. When you decide to rent a boat or charter a yacht, first of all you need to be prepared to share with other likeminded guests. Space in sailing yachts is comfortable but also confined so life on a yacht requires a team effort and everyone has to contribute their fair share of work.The sailing activity itself involves a lot of team work and communication both verbal and non-verbal. Whether you are the skipper or a crew member, with time you realise that you become a better communicator.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that people are eager to get involved, talk, share experiences and spend their time on the deck, surrounded by the deep blue sea and the clear blue sky.

7. Sailing makes you better organized and economical

Sailing requires a lot of precision and attention to detail in order for a yacht charter sailing trip to be successful. If you are involved in sailing a boat, you have to ensure that you maintain the proper bearing, the proper depth, the proper speed and so on… if you are a guest, you have to ensure that everything is secure and organised in your cabin and common areas. Whatever the yacht size or the yacht type, while on board a yacht you have to be organised and relaxed.

While on a boat you also realise that you have to be economical with water and electricity consumption, that you take for granted while at home. You’ll soon realise that even when not sailing, you will apply these organisational and economical skills in other aspects of your professional and personal life.

8. Sailing can improve your diet

You will be surprised by how much healthy food there is within reach during your sailing holiday. While on a yacht during your sailing holiday, or on charter yacht you have the opportunity to reach smaller, more remote islands or areas. Food tends to be fresher and of better quality as people in remote areas tend to produce their own vegetables, have their own animals or make their own wine. Your sailing journey will also take you to many coastal areas where seafood is often served. You shouldn’t underestimate how beneficial the omega-3 and fatty acids in fish can be for the brain and body.

Sailing makes you feel free

Finally, the sea is probably the biggest and most fascinating playground. You can head in almost any direction as there’s no one to tell you where to go or what to do… apart from the weather of course! You are as free as a bird!

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