Halloween Regatta on...Pumpkins!
people racing in pumpkins on the river

Halloween Regatta on...Pumpkins!

It's October, which means the season of pumpkin everything: pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin faces and...GIANT PUMPKIN BOAT RACES!

Every year, gourd enthusiasts gather for the West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta, where participants race across the Tualatin Lake of the Commons in kayaks made of, yes, giant, hollowed-out pumpkins.

The race itself is pretty straightforward. The growers carve out their gourds and jump in with a paddle. After the first heat, community members can get a shot at paddling a giant pumpkin themselves. 

Even for experienced paddlers, the race is a challenge. Cooper said a person has to be in good shape if they expect to win the regatta.

“An 1,800-pound canoe doesn’t move very fast,” says one of the participants. 

Source: https://www.opb.org/news/article/west-coast-pumpkin-regatta-2018/

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