When preparing for a yacht holiday it can be challenging to understand how life on board will be and prepare wisely and practically the galley.

sailing yacht galley and kitchen with cooking hob and sink

It is important to identify in advance a responsible person for organising the galley, an essential centre of life at sea, whether you are travelling on a skippered or without a skipper.

If you don't have crew or hostess onboard, the tasks of cooking and galley should be divided according to possibilities and capacities, bearing in mind that the expenses of food provisioning for everyone on board, including captain, are on guests.

The best solution we would suggest is to collect common fund to be used for the various provisioning expenses, the most important of which is the food and goods you shop before departure. 

How to store food on a yacht 

It is important to remember that fresh food is tricky to store on board as the fridge is powered by the engine and does not usually have much refrigeration capacity.

It is necessary to take very little fresh food on board, trying to consume it as soon as possible and always check its condition.

It is important to eat meat and fish the same day whenever cooking prawns on a yacht on a cockpit grill

Suggested food for yacht holiday 

Buy and stow carefully all the food and products that do not perish: space therefore for oil, pasta, canned goods such as tuna, peas, peeled tomatoes and beans, biscuits and long-life cakes, crackers and packaged bread, coffee, tea, sugar, salt, honey and jam.

Hard, mature cheeses or different types of salami are suggested as they can easily stored. They will keep easily, while other sausages and salamis are best if bought in vacuum-packed bags for better preservation.

It is better to use long-life milk in half packs. Some of the fruit and vegetables that keep better such as lemons, oranges, apples, potatoes, onions, etc. can also be purchased before boarding, same with some water and beverages, depending on the hold capacity.

cheese and salami served on cockpit table on yacht

What else you will need on a yacht

Bare in mind all the products for management of the sailing boat: you will need to stock up cleaning products for laundry and dishes, kitchen and toilet paper, sponges and tea towels, rubbish bags. Please, avoid plastic plates, glasses and cutlery since apart from all green considerations they oblige us to go ashore frequently to dispose of the rubbish. We highly recommend to check out a collection of melamine table ware Marine Business, where you can find unbreakable tableware, accessories, glassware and many more for use on a yacht but not only!

melamine set of table ware on yacht at the sea

Source: Sailogy 

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