Should I Buy a Boat - Essential Questions When Buying a Boat
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Should I Buy a Boat - Essential Questions When Buying a Boat


We are all looking forward to warmer days and summer vibes! Summer is connected with holidays, sea, yachts and boats. Now is a good time to consider buying a yacht or a boat in Cyprus.

Buying a boat might not be as painful as you think. If you are truly interested in purchasing a new or pre owned yacht, consider organising the process into three phases – Planning, Shopping, and Decision. To help you get started, we’ve created a series of essential questions you’ll want to consider throughout the process of boat buying.

At Interyachting we offer all types of yachts and boats trying to satisfy a big variety of needs and budgets. We have exclusive dealerships with some of the best yachting brands in the world, Bavaria Yachts, Fountaine Pajot catamarans, Nautitech catamarans, Highfield Boats and many more.

Buy a yacht in Cyprus: The Planning Phase

The planning phase of a boat purchase is primarily about evaluating your current yacht sales situation and needs. Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself when considering buying a boat:

  • What activities do I plan on using the boat for? Fishing, water sports, sailing, cruising, multipurpose, etc.? This is absolutely the most critical step in the planning process of buying a yacht in Cyprus.
  • Which type of boat is right for me? Fishing boats, ski boats, water sports boats, high-performance boats, rib boats, sailing yachts, motor boats, catamarans? These are just a few of the many options you’ll want to consider based on the activities you want to pursue on the water when you buy new yacht or a preowned yacht.
  • What is the average number of people I expect to have on board? Family sailing holidays or holidays on a boat are no fun in a crowded two person fishing boat or a small rib boat. Carefully consider how many people you’ll have with you on most of your yacht or boat trips.
  • What is your price range? Before you begin your search to buy a sailing yacht in Cyprus or buy a power boat or buy a rib boat in Cyprus, you’ll want to establish a budget. Need help determining your price range to buy a yacht in Cyprus? We can help you map out options. Feel free to call us (Interyachting +357 25 811900) to discuss what type of yacht or what type of boat you can realistically afford.

Buy a yacht in Cyprus: The type of boat phase

Now that you have a basic understanding of your yachting needs, it’s time to start the search for new boats or used boats to buy. This is when the real fun begins. Visit local boat shows or boat dealers and yacht dealers in Cyprus and board as many boats possible that meet the requirements you’ve identified in the planning phase for buying a new or pre owned yacht or boat. Then interview your dealer about matching you with the best boat that meets your needs. At Interyachting Cyprus we offer the best yachts from the best dealers that meet all boat and yacht types. We offer sailing yachts and motor boats from BAVARIA. Catamaran, both sailing Catamarans and Motor Catamarans from NAUTITECH AND FOUNTAINE PAJOT, rib boats from HIGHFIELD, eco friendly catamarans from Sunpower Yachts.

Some important questions to ask at the type of yacht phase are:

  • What are the boat’s warranties? Ask this for every boat (new or used). Sometimes warranties are transferrable – and if you want to sell the boat down the road – this could be an important selling point.
  • Can I take the boat for a sea trial? You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, and you probably shouldn’t buy a boat without a sea trial . Bring the family along and be sure to test the boat whether a sailing yacht or a motor boat, in water conditions similar to where you’ll be sailing it. How does the yacht start? How did the boat operate in in water? How did it manoeuvered on different water conditions?
  • What should I look for when inspecting a boat? Whether you’re buying a new boat or a preowned boat, there are a variety of things to keep an eye out for when you buy a boat. An out-of-water inspection is also beneficial to check for any irregularities in the hull. In general, any boat inspection should include an in-depth examination of the following:

– Boat Engine
– Bilge
– Steering and throttle controls
– Electrical components
– Floors & Siding
– Propeller
– Deck Hardware
– Fuel Tanks
– Batteries
– Riggings, hardware, and sails
– Hull condition
– Propeller Shaft
– Upholstery

Keep in mind, if you are buying a preowned yacht you should also check for floor rot, mildew, number of boat hours logged, maintenance history, and also its storage history. This information should be readily available.

  • What is your asking boat price? Find out what the yacht price or the boat price the yacht or boat dealer in Cyprus is offering.

Buy a Yacht in Cyprus - The Decision Phase

So, you decided to buy a boat in Cyprus. You’ve evaluated your yachting needs fishing, water sports, sailing, leisure, the type of yacht, whether a sailing yacht, a motor boat, a catamaran or a rib boat, speed boat, a luxury yacht or luxury catamaran, shopped around for various boats, and now you have to select which boat to buy.

  • When do I plan on buying the boat? When you are ready to make the purchase, it’s important to decide the time frame for which you’ll be ready. I.e. two weeks, two months, or next year – whatever the case, have a timeframe for purchase so you know better the boats for sale.
  • Will the dealer/seller honour the same yacht price within my time frame? Chances are if you are ready to make a decision, a good dealer like Interyachting Cyprus, will definitely honour the same yacht price a few weeks down the road. Do you think to sell your boat after you buy it. Do you have already have a yacht or boat for sale before you buy a new yacht or a preowned yacht in Cyprus?

There you have it! Three phases to get you started to buy a boat in Cyprus, and some important questions for you to consider along the way. If you have found your dream boat but are unsure if a lack of funds will prevent you from making a purchase, we can help you with that!

After Boat sales service:

At Interyachting Cyprus, we offer full after yacht sale services. We offer yacht management services in Cyprus. These yacht management services include taking full care of your boat so you can enjoy it hussle free. We also offer Charter management services in Cyprus.

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