Tender Boat - an essential for every yacht!
tender boat and catamaran anchored in bay

Tender Boat - an essential for every yacht!

What is a Tender?

In the boating industry, a tender is any type of smaller vessel onboard your yacht that is used to service your larger vessel. Tenders are often used when you are anchored at sea or moored far from shore and want to make quick trips to shore.

Tenders are essential for the following activities:

  • Quicker and easier supply runs
  • Picking up guests from the dock or shore
  • Entertainment purposes like cruising small coves and bays
  • Visiting neighbouring yachts in the harbour
  • Lifesaving purposes in the event there are no other dedicated lifesaving vessels on board

General Yacht Tender Safety Tips

It’s important to keep in mind a few safety protocols, most of which relate to having the right equipment on board with you at all times, as well as:

  • Be aware of the tides and the weather forecast for the duration of your planned use of the tender, and plan accordingly.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, especially as they pertain to the size of your outboard motor and load limits (i.e. Don’t overload your boat with occupants or supplies)
  • Always wear a lifejacket.
  • Always use a kill cord for your outboard.
  • Always check your fuel levels before setting off
  • Service the engine seasonally and inspect for damages

Buying the Right Tender

The right tender for your yacht is one that is safe, dry, comfortable, and the right size to match your storage space on board. The weight and the dimensions of your tender are what matter the most.

Source:  Van Isle Marina "All You Need to Know About Your Yacht’s Dinghy / Tender"

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