48 Open, the brand new Nautitech catamaran

48 Open, a catamaran that combines strength, design and performance 

Nautitech Catamaran’s new ambition is to raise far higher standards to offer a new exceptional catamaran, to allow the most daring sailors to embark on a very inspiring, exciting, and lively adventure! The result is the NEW 48 OPEN!

The tone is set for this new catamaran, it is a relationship between creativity and technology, Designer, architects, engineers, and technicians are working in close collaboration to create a unique catamaran, in the image of its owners. Its signature is found in the curve of the hull, its finesse, attention to detail, and the optimisation of space. 

Nautitech Catamarans, a french savoir-faire

This new catamaran represents French style and know-how. In the constant search for excellence to design an exceptional and luxury catamaran, particular care has been taken in the choice of materials. Their perfect knowledge brings an elegant signature to each living space.

Quality as a guiding principal.

“ELEVATE YOUR DREAM”, is the Yard motto, the essence driving all the efforts to one common goal, to invite all the sailors, and future sailors to be looking for more. From design to manufacture, all choices have been guided by the desire to offer a luxury catamaran where the term “Quality” takes on its full meaning.

As for manufacturing, we use our know-how in terms of infusion to guarantee water tightness and robustness without fault to our catamarans. The mastery of the manufacturing process and the attention to detail are Nautitech’s true assets and a guarantee of quality, durability and above all safety. 

48 Open : a luxury and modular catamaran

Our goal? To achieve a balance between volume and lightness, comfort and perfomance, guided by materials and shapes. The 48 Open is the creation of a modular luxury catamaran that will adapt to all travel programs around the world and its owner’s use.

5 layout are available with differente SmartRoom® options. The choice is yours. The 48 Open will thus be able to fully adapt to all your desires and needs.

A world of possibilities

More confident lines, the affirmation of know-how, and the signature of a catamaran whose only limit is your imagination are the promise of this new catamaran. Designed with ideal proportions, this new catamaran will awaken all your senses. 

For more details contact Interyachting at 25811900 or email us at [email protected]. We will me more than happy to assist you.

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