For boat and yacht enthusiasts, we have put together a collection of the best yachts and boats with the latest technology and features for our customers. We provide the most popular types and brands of new yachts for sale to meet your needs.

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How much does it cost to own a new yacht?

One of the biggest concerns for individuals who are looking to buy a brand new yacht is the cost. The cost of a new yacht doesn’t only cover the purchasing amount, but there are other aspects that add to a yacht’s cost.

Maintenance costs

When a boat or a yacht has been sailing for some time it is natural that the yacht might have some damages or deteriorations. In order to ensure that your yacht is always running at optimal levels, regular maintenance must be done to it. Maintenance costs will include checking of equipment and parts of the yacht, repairing or changing any damaged parts, re-painting and cleaning.

Why buy a new boat

There are several reasons for yacht enthusiasts to buy a new boat. A few of the most obvious reasons are the technology, mechanics and the gadgets of the boat. A new boat will have the latest technologies installed and newer more modern gadgets for you to select from. Because of the constant upgrades and changes in technology, buying a new yacht would mean that the latest features will be present on your yacht.

Another reason to buy a new yacht is the design side of the boat. With deciding to purchase a new boat, you will have access to a selection of the newest and most modern boat and yacht designs to choose from.

Running costs

When owning and operating a yacht, there are some running costs that will have to be covered regularly. These include costs for the fuel of the boat which will depend on the region, type of boat and the distance traveled. Other running costs can include the crew working on the yacht, communication fees and food and drink supplies.

Taxes/Harbour fees

Your yacht will need to be parked somewhere when it is not in use and this will add to the costs of owning a yacht. A yearly fee will have to be paid to a harbour depending on the yacht’s size and region so that it can be docked there. Another solution which is generally more costly is to dry dock it, and this could be a potential solution for areas with no port or marina.


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