Sell a Yacht


Also we can arrange to sell your yacht. We undertake all relevant issues with yacht ownership. We bring together the possible choices whether you are a seller or a buyer at the best possible price for each.If you ever decide to sell your yacht, then our pre-owned boat department will take care of marketing and obtain the highest possible re-sale value for you in the international market. We offer the very best maintained boats for sale. Our services include but are not limited to, preparation of the contract, full survey of the yacht, arrangement for sea trial, definition of ownership structure, delivery of the yacht.
Sell your used yacht with Interyachting.
Wanting to sell your yacht or boat? Interyachting can help you arrange that quickly and effortlessly. Just get in touch with us and let us do the rest. We provide
all the necessary marketing to raise the exposure of your yacht and to locate the highest resale value on the international yacht market.
Some of the services we offer include preparation of the contract, a survey of the yacht and checks that everything is functioning properly, arrangement for a sea trial and delivery of your yacht.

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Sell a Yacht


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