Last week we were very excited as we put in the water our two brand new boats, Aqua boats, for a sea trial.

During the sea trial, operated the boats under conditions of a typical boating trip, including varying speeds, manoeuvring on different water conditions and adding extra weight on board. We’ve examined the functionality, vibrations and other performance tests that can only be checked during the on-water test. 

We checked the marine electronics, the minimum planning speed, visibility of captain and passenger, we also run both into and away from the sun and checked for glare and reflections.

The ride on both boats, Aqua 20 and Aqua 30 was seaworthy. We enjoyed every moment!

We are so thrilled to introduce you, Interyachting’s new boats, Aqua boats.

They come in 2 sizes, Aqua 20 and Aqua 30.

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