Introducing a TAXI BOAT by Aqua Boats, the epitome of innovation in taxi boat services, setting a new standard in Cyprus and beyond. Our latest model has undergone rigorous sea trials, showcasing its unparalleled performance and unique design. Aqua, Taxi Boat is 9.5 meters long, designed to accommodate up to 12 people -10 passengers and 2 crew. It features an outboard engine with 500HP. Aqua Boats redefine comfort and sustainability in maritime transportation. Harnessing the power of sustainable energy, our taxi boats feature state-of-the-art solar panels to operate amenities such as air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable journey for passengers while minimizing environmental impact. Each voyage is a seamless blend of luxury and eco-consciousness, with plush passenger seats and an onboard toilet enhancing the overall experience.

Crafted with precision naval engineering, Aqua Boats boast a sleek and modern design, complemented by dynamic performance capabilities. Whether navigating calm waters or braving challenging weather conditions, our vessels guarantee stability, reliability, and safety at every turn. With revolutionary hull design and maximum speed, Aqua Boats epitomize the future of maritime transportation, promising smooth and secure journeys for passengers seeking nothing but the best.

Contact us for more information about the taxi boat and other Aqua Boats models.

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