Private Yacht Charters
 as usual requires good preparation and good setting of the galley, especially if there will be lunch or dinner served. There’s plenty of styles for table setting to choose from, our duty is to chose the right one for our clients and watch their excitement when they come onboard a well-prepared yacht. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make a perfect setting decor onboard a private yacht charter.

Greek Style: Blue & White

When chartering a boat in the warm Mediterranean sea, everything reminds of Greece and its generous hospitality. So prepare a welcome dining setting in blue and white colours to resemble the Greek flag, sea and sky of the Mediterranean, and don’t forget to add some lemons and olives on the table as part of decoration, but also as an essential part of Greek cuisine. You could also combine bunches of rosemary, oregano, dill and mint in small vases. 

Harmony Style: White & Beige 

Natural colours of your melamine tableware – white, beige, pastel – that will make your table shine. Keep it simple and minimal. 

Marine Style: Marine Theme

Sea inspired dining setting, with starfish, corals and marine prints on your melamine tableware, with modern touch of nautical design. This setting will offer a better sea life experience onboard a private yacht charter. 

Floral Style: Flowers & Pastel Colors 

Table setting with the classic elements such as flowers and candles, will perfectly accommodate the elegance and grace of a dinner onboard a luxury yacht charter.  

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