When dealing with new yacht sales, the delivery process is one of the most important stages that should be carefully planned and run without delays but also without risks. Either it is a Sailing yacht, a Motor Yacht or a Catamaran, many factors should be considered when planning the delivery.  

As usual, brand-new BAVARIA YACHT is making the hundreds kilometre overland journey directly from the showroom to the Port of shipment. Sometimes, two heavy loaded trucks shall be make the transportation because in case of the BAVARIA R55 it is necessary to remove the fly bridge to clear the bridges. Also, removing the propulsion systems sometimes is necessary to reduce the clearance height for the bridges as much as possible.

Any overland transportation journey is constantly secured by escort vehicles and the police. On narrow cross-country roads it is also accompanied. It often passing close to buildings, over junctions and up and down difficult gradients. The transport team has to drive every kilometre with maximum concentration. 

We are always on a tight schedule because the new owners want to drive their yachts as soon as possible, but after the delivery when undertaking a sea trial together with the owner is always the best moment and is a reward for the stressful days of preparation for delivery. 

Our team at Interyachting, all those involved in the transport, our colleagues at BAVARIA YACHTS and the assembly team on site are always working together and doing a great job.

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