The Lady’s Mile beach, is the longest beach of Cyprus.

The name of the beach of Lady’s Mile was received from the governor’s horse during the British rule, which used to travel on the beach.

The beach is on the Akrotiri Peninsula, along its Eastern side, between the New port of Limassol and the British military base of Akrotiri (British overseas territories, under its sovereignty, but not its composition).

The length of the beach lady’s Mile is apprx 7 kilometers. The beach is wide, with predominantly dense sand, sometimes mixed with pebbles. In the Central part of the beach sand is dark gray in color, in the South becomes Golden-brown, and in the North, closer to the New port of Limassol, on the beach mainly pebbles.

Lifeguards with lifesaving equipment and services for first aid are on duty on the beach from April to October from 09:00 to 17:00 hours to 18:00 hours in the peak summer season.

During the summer season the coast of Ladies Mile is full with all kinds of yachts and boats. Interyachting offers all kinds of boats and yachts for charter in Limassol.

You can charter a sailing yacht, a catamaran, a power boat, a rib boat or a day boat and spend the day at Ladies Mile on board a yacht.

The main advantages of the beach Lady’s mile:

– Perfect spot to visit with a boat or a sailing yacht or a power boat or a rib boat and day boat. Vast stretch of sea with no waves even if it is windy.

– shallow waters, which contributes to great family holidays with children;

– clean sea water;

– relative solitude on the beach you can always find a quite secluded place.

In the Northern part of the beach depth comes pretty fast at the bottom there are pebbles and stones, while in the South the wind is gently sloping and sandy, gradual depth.

Beach lady’s Mile alternating zones where the restaurants with all the beach amenities adjacent are replaced by a spacious parts of the coast, without the provision of beach services.

So, on the beach highlighted several restaurant areas. Near restaurants focused additional amenities include: sun loungers and parasols, showers and toilets, locker rooms and playgrounds. A dedicated area for beach soccer and volleyball, water activities, etc.

There are areas more suitable for youth recreation, there will be a bar and music. And is designed for families with children, those in water with water inflatable rides, and the beach has a small children’s Playground.

While on a yacht,whether you chartered a sailing yacht, a power boat, a catamaran, a luxury yacht or even a rib boat or day boat, you can anchor in front of any of these beach restaurants and enjoy the music in the privacy of your yacht avoiding the crowded beach.

Close to the beach lady’s Mile

Close to the beach is the Salt lake of Akrotiri, which attracts migratory birds, including flocks of bright pink flamingos and herons during the winter months. In the summer months a large part of the lake dries up, leaving a vast area of sand and salt, from which sand becomes dense and it is possible to walk, drive, etc.

How to get to the beach Lady’s Mile:

The best way to get to the beach is by a boat or a sailing yacht or a power boat or catamaran. You can anchor wherever you want and enjoy a beautiful day at sea.

Interyachting offers all kinds of yachts available for charter in Limassol for half day, full day or sunset cruises.

Of course you can also reach Ladies mile by car, but it is not the same as being onboard a boat!!!

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