Limassol Dive Sites

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The waters off the bay of Akrotiri (Limassol) offer a great opportunity for divers to explore a variety of reefs, wrecks and even tombs. The visibility of the area’s waters is always excellent, and there are often good currents for drift diving.

Fish Reserve

A must-see if you are an avid scuba diver, the fish reserve offers the chance to view an assortment of wrecks including a helicopter, fire engine and cannon, along with a variety of sea life.

Seal Garden

If you are looking to catch a glimpse of the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal, this is the spot to visit.  

The Seal Garden offers the chance to observe the monk seal in its natural habitat. Only 700 individual seals are estimated to survive in four isolated areas of the Mediterranean.  

According to some Ancient Greek legends, the monk seal inspired the tales of the sirens—mythical beings that lured sailors to their doom with their seductive voices.

If you are lucky, you can catch glimpse of the endangered loggerhead and green turtles, who nest along the nearby coast.

Sharks’ Cove  

Although it is called sharks’ cove, there are no actual sharks at the site—but there is an excellent reef wall offering glimpses of a variety of sea life.  

There are also a number of short swim-through tunnels that take you further into the depths of the area, making the site one of the island’s must-see diving spots.


Resembling ancient tombs, these underwater caves feel like you are diving in a mythical resting place.

The first can be found at 13 meters and is accessible depending on the diver’s experience and qualifications. The second cave is found at 9 meters and has a large variety of marine life in and around it.

Type of dive site: Rock

Depth: 9-20 metres

Visibility: 15-30 metres

Access: By boat

Qualification Required: Open Water (OW)

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