What is a Tender?

In the boating industry, a tender is a smaller vessel on your yacht used to service the larger vessel. Tenders are often used when anchored at sea or moored far from shore, making quick trips to shore convenient.

Why Tenders are Essential

Tenders are crucial for:

General Yacht Tender Safety Tips

Ensure safety by adhering to these protocols, focusing on having the right equipment on board at all times:

Buying the Right Tender

When buying the right tender for your yacht, especially from trusted sellers like Highfield Boats, from Interyachting.com.cy, consider safety, dryness, comfort, and the right size to match your storage space on board. Weight and dimensions are crucial factors.

For yacht sales and quality boats in Cyprus, Highfield Boats and Interyachting offer excellent options to buy a boat that meets your tender needs.

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